BIM Modeling Services Effective Constructability Review And Clash Detection

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December 24, 2014 by David C Smith 

In a construction project, constructability review and clash detection services are two main part of the project. The main purpose of constructability review is to review the entire construction processes from start to end in the pre-construction or early design phase. Constructability review helps to identify and resolve various types of issues before the actual construction starts and it also helps to minimize errors, delays and cost overruns.

When the building design is developed, basically all the elements of each engineering trade i.e. architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, electrical, and plumbing are coordinated with each other precisely. It often happens that any two or more elements fight for the same place that results clash between these elements at that place. The clash detection process is executed for identifying clashes between various elements of architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, electrical and plumbing engineering trades.

One of the key advantages of BIM is that it helps the project managers and designers to measure sustainability of a building in the early design phase. For performing energy analysis, the designers import the model into programs such as IESVE and eQUEST to measure the effectiveness of the building.

When professionals perform constructability and clash detection analysis, they generally used project review software such as 'Autodesk Design Review' and 'Autodesk Navisworks' for identifying constructability and conflicts and fixing them in an efficient manner. It helps to enhance the design quality of the project to a great extent.

Nowadays, for performing constructability review and clash detection, professionals use 3D BIM model. The 3D BIM model is also used for preparing effective construction plans and equipment fabrication as well. Prior to BIM, professionals generally carried on the constructability and clash detection manually. Professionals spent ample time and effort to get an accurate result by executing the manual constructability review and clash detection process.

  • Clash detection helps to perform effective evaluation, identification and reporting of interference clash in a 3D building information model between various 3D elements. Therefore, it helps to eliminate the risk of human error during model inspections.
  • Once the building information model is completely developed, it is imported into the 'Navisworks' or 'Tekla' for clash detection and resolving conflicts in the pre-construction stage.
  • So, constructability review and clash detection is very important for obtaining high quality and accurate project design, reducing costs as well as times in a significant manner. 
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