3D Animation Walkthrough Services

3D Walkthrough Animation is the perfect way to give your architectural drawings and real estate tours an edge of sophistication. Transform your existing layouts into smooth and delightful visual experience with high quality Architectural 3D ...

How drones are changing the surveying landscape

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones has grown exponentially in recent years, with measurement specialists Plowman Craven pioneering the use of this exciting new technology to capture highly accurate geospatial data and high-resolution ...

Best of Hackathon - Design in the Age of Experience 2017

During the event, champion 3DEXPERIENCE users created revolutionary designs.

Intelligent Rainscreen Façade Video

The approaches using a rule based approach to capture knowledge and allow it to be re-used.

Structural Steel detailing BIM Project

Steel detailing project - This project involves 3D structural steel model, embed and miscellaneous steel elements, using Tekla Structures

Laser scan and BIM model of Nuclear Power Plant

As part of the decommissioning process of the Hunterston 'A' nuclear power station in Ayrshire, Plowman Craven provided a full range of laser scanning, BIM and 3D modelling services for Magnox.

Architectural Evolution From Blueprint To BIM

From Crouse College at Syracuse University to the National Grid Building, the team at King + King Architects has had a long history at the forefront of design.

Scanning & Modelling Smithfield Poultry Market

Constructed in 1953, the Poultry Market is a Grade II-listed building in the heart of London that forms part of Smithfield Market – the UK’s largest wholesale meat market.

MagiCAD for Revit Tutorial - How to create symbols

The user can define any symbols, including product-specific ones, as custom symbols

MagiCAD for AutoCAD Tutorial - Short circuit calculation

Short-circuit calculations now take into account the effect of fuses in limiting the peak fault current, which makes it possible to more accurately size all subsystems based on the actual current allowed through by the ...