Constructible BIM

It is common to blame management for problems, but is this fair when they are working with traditional systems that cannot really control the construction process effectively?

Four Key Elements for a BIM/Revit project

When implementing new BIM processes and technology, AEC firms often have an initial cost for software, hardware, training and support and they may experience a short-term loss of productivity. However, the long-term “Return On Investment” ...

The Best of the Best of the Best Practices for As-Built BIM Projects

Five industry experts recently contributed their know-how to an excellent report called 33 Expert Tips, Tactics & Best Practices for As-Built BIM Project Success.

Twin theory for construction

The root cause of the problem is the lack of up-front coordiantion and communication between key players.

Should this drive toward digitisation be driven by Government or by Industry?

In his lecture on Strategic BIM David Philp posed the question “Should this drive toward digitisation be driven by Government or by Industry??". (Philp 2015)

Risks of BIM

When building information modeling (BIM) technology first gained widespread use, commentators warned of new legal risks posed by the information sharing and collaboration essential to the process.

BIM Level 3 and Change Management

In the report the government gives some objectives crucial to Level 3 BIM: • The creation of a new set of open data standards for easy sharing of data across the entire market • The ...

Maximise Your Profit Margins With Design Collaboration (2/9): How to Finish your Projects Faster

Over this blog post series I’m taking a deep dive into how you can achieve the key benefits of collaborative design in the cloud using Autodesk BIM 360 Team and Collaboration for Revit. If you ...

Back to Basics & Performance Measurement

The perspectives on what BIM means; The ways that organisation’s capability stages are likely to be accurately measured; Key elements of BIM’s capabilities that necessarily need to be measured as well as the factors constituting ...

NAHB: More builders, architects are betting on BIM

More home builders and architects are using BIM to manage the large amounts of information created during the design and construction process