The Importance of Industry Working Groups (BIM4M2 et al)

Here we invite Matt Crunden, Training and BIM Manager at Legrand UK & Ireland, to offer his take on the state of play for BIM within the industry and how industry working groups are assisting ...

Building Information Modeling for Owners

BIM is now in widespread use worldwide, with multiple applications and documented projects.

Five Practical Lessons for Manufacturers when BIM Modelling

In this guest article, here is Gavin Summerson, Senior Certification Manager at BSI to offer advice and to tell us more. Over to Gavin...

What can BIM do for you?

The concept of BIM or Building Information Modelling is quite simple, it is the process for creating and managing information for a construction project lifecycle.


Many enthusiasts in the manufacturing sector and beyond are of course already familiar with these terms. To the uninitiated however, the whole array of tools and options may seem baffling. As such, this article will ...

The Great Debate: Modelled Objects vs Data? Part 2

In response to the prior article, calling for an end to overly realistic modelling or “Hollywood BIM” this article provides a look at the debate from the other side of the fence.

The Great Debate: Modelled Objects vs Data? Part 1

Well it is time to stick a pin in this bubble once and for all. There are calls by some for an end to “overly realistic” modelling whereas there are and calls by others that ...

CAD Vs BIM: Advantages and Disadvantages

CAD is a drawing based approach to design whereas BIM is a model based approach. CAD services are extremely popular with the architects as well as designers. BIM has changed the basic approach to the ...

4 Tips on providing best feedback on 3D Renders

All of us communicate differently, but irrespective of an individual’s personality or style, there are a few guidelines on providing clear, thorough and effective guideline that will help prepare a great result for your upcoming ...

elec calc™ BIM: Maturity Model and BIM Levels

BIM is becoming a global language for the infrastructure and construction sector, enabling greater collaboration and movement of capabilities across borders.