BIM Collaboration

YFM Equity Partners backs £4m MBO of market leading software company Business Collaborator

YFM Equity Partners is investing £3.35m into the £4m management buy-out (MBO) of Business Collaborator – an established provider of collaboration software to the construction sector and a leader in the nascent Building Information Modelling ...

Aconex Launches Connected BIM for Project-Wide Model Collaboration

New Solution on Aconex Platform Signals Breakthrough in BIM Project Delivery

BIM: is it ready yet?

Employers are increasingly asking for “BIM” to be included in the services provided by consultants and contractors, but very few of them know what they are asking for and very few consultants and contractors can ...

How small firms should prepare for the BIM 2016 mandate

The Government Construction Strategy is a policy paper issued by the UK Government that sets the target of reducing the cost of government construction projects by 15-20 percent “by the end of the current Parliament." ...

Interview: Great Portland Estates' head of projects James Pellatt

Great Portland Estates’ head of projects talks to Construction News about collaboration, fair payment and why clients must recognise firms are ‘mentally tired’.


Adoption of efficient building information modelling using shared data will bring UK construction into the 21st century, says 4Projects by Viewpoint.

Top Trends Shaping BIM

Jeff Leighton of Victaulic Predicts the Future of BIM on the Building Industry


The expectations around BIM have reached an all-time high as the industry waits with bated breath to see what will happen come 2016.

Leveraging and Extending BIM Collaboration

By Andy Knauf on August 21, 2014. BIM is revolutionizing the AEC Industry. BIM adoption surged from 28 percent in 2007 to 71 percent in 2012 due to business benefits of reduced project duration, increased ...

The route to BIM in 10 steps

The industry will have to put its foot down to meet the government’s BIM deadline. Here, five experts break the route in 10 key stages