The State (+ Future) of BIM and GIS Interoperability

BIM (and BIM-GIS interoperability) has been popping up so frequently that a slightly modified version of Monty Python’s “Spam” sketch has been running through my head…

Interoperability Standards

The common standard developed by the buildingSMART is the Industry Foundation Class (IFC)

BIM Glossary

Source: BIM-M

BIM Enables Data Exchange

Many construction firms are finding a high level of collaboration can be enabled by implemented processes for BIM

The challenges of integrating BIM

Explore some of the challenges, both legal and non-legal, posed by BIM Level 2 implementation.

Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB-ADIA) : Part Two of Two

The Joint Venture (JV) of CCC, Arabtec and TAV was awarded the $3billion construction contract for Abu Dhabi Airport’s 700,000-sqm Midfield Terminal Building in April 2012.

BIM Implementation An Issue Of Trust

Although globally there are numerous case studies that demonstrate the value of implementing building information modelling (BIM), an organisation will appreciate the full extent of its inherent benefits only when it experiences it first hand.

Modeling Building Automation and Control Systems

Many building owners and facility managers lack good documentation for their automation control systems.

Rhino 3D Smart Structural Interpreter

Plug-ins for Rhino and Grasshopper specific to generating and exchanging data with external Structural modelling programs

BuildingSMART The key to Open BIM

Dana Kennish "Deke" Smith FAIA Executive Director buildingSMART alliance BIM Summit, Qatar 2012