BIMobject Product Sites: The Beauty of a Single Source of Truth

Learn how the world's leading building product manufacturers are leveraging their content on the BIMobject Cloud platform to minimize information redundancy. BIMobject Product Sites leverage your Single Source of Truth providing multiple configurations of powerful, ...

Custom Doors and Windows in Your BIM Design - ARCHLine.XP Webinar

Doors and windows are crucial elements of your designs, so you need to know how to handle them in a BIM environment. What happens when you need to model intricate shapes? What to do when ...

Design Roofs in ARCHLine.XP

Your CAD software should offer simple and effective tools to cover everything from top to bottom. Starting from the top, our webinar takes a look at a pressing issue - creating and detailing roofs.

Turning External Files into BIM Data - The ARCHLine.XP Imports WEBINAR

Not sure how you can use your co-designers files, floorplans and models? How to tie them into your BIM model? Our webinar shows how to use external files in your design, even if they are ...

Use Real Products in Your CAD Design

How do you make your BIM model accurate? By using real products! This webinar shows how ARCHLine.XP, the CAD/BIM software, connects to the BIMobject library.

Switching from 2D Drafting to BIM - ARCHLine.XP webinar

Switching from 2D drafting to BIM might seem difficult, time consuming and expensive.

BIM Insights Sessions webinar series 2017 for manufacturers and engineers

Do you want to learn more about BIM? Join our BIM Insigths Sessions webinars to find out more about BIM apps, BIM content, what manufacturers do to spread their products among a global engineer audience ...

BIM Insights Sessions webinar - BIM & Mitsubishi Electric

Starting at June 22nd 12pm CET (11am in the UK) you will learn more about how a large manufacturer such as Mitsubishi Electric works with BIM and how they use MEPcontent to spread there products ...

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs: Cloud based Document Management for your AEC Projects

When it comes to AEC projects, inefficient communication can result in project delays and costly re-work on commercial and residential construction projects.

BIM: Are We Getting What We Paid For?

Who has heard the story of the 5 little monkeys? Not the ones who jump on the bed but the little furry friends who were sprayed with water when any of the monkeys would try ...