A Case Study of Using BIM and COBie for Facility Management

This paper investigates the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) for facility management on three projects where implementation concepts were used.

Eagle Point Expands Pinnacle Series Into BIM, Transportation

Eagle Point Software Corporation, an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner, announced the expansion of content in Pinnacle Series.

Facing the BIM juggernaut

A step-by-step approach to BIM adoption, by Allan Hunt BSc MRICS, a Director of AHR Building Consultancy Limited.

Do you know our rooftile BIM Libraries?

Telhas Cobert is the leading reference in Portugal for manufacturing and commercializing clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components.

Taking the Plunge Further – More Thoughts on Switching to BIM

The original article about firms “taking the plunge” and switching to BIM generated a lot of discussion – something that I’m always glad to see. In response, I wanted to post some further thoughts about ...

A new way to deploy 3D BIM to teams and stakeholders

Simple, Flexible, and Predictable 3D PDF. Visualize, analyze, and quantify elements from Revit® using 3D PDF Converter for all workstations with Autodesk Revit® software.

Point Cloud to CAD Model in Minutes

Pointfuse Helps Skanska Join Up Laser Scanning Dots for Highways Surveying

How BIM is Enhancing Green Building in Asia

As BIM continues to emerge rapidly as a paradigm-changing technology and green building remains a key buzzword within the construction industry, developers are exploring new ways to use advanced modelling software to facilitate the design ...

BIM – Removing fences between specialists

Marianne and her team are situated in the Netherlands. The LEVS brand is based upon the creation of well designed and functional buildings. In this film, Marianne discussed how BIM and Solibri help them achieve ...

BIM: is it ready yet?

Employers are increasingly asking for “BIM” to be included in the services provided by consultants and contractors, but very few of them know what they are asking for and very few consultants and contractors can ...