BIM in Facility Management

Lifecycle BIM: A Comprehensive Solution for Facilities Management

Advanced Solutions is helping firms streamline information flows and provide better data to building owners and operators through Lifecycle BIM.

A Case Study of Using BIM and COBie for Facility Management

This paper investigates the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) for facility management on three projects where implementation concepts were used.

Panoramic Power and Autodesk to Collaborate on Apps for Real-time Facility Performance and Operations

Panoramic Power announced today that it is collaborating with Autodesk on joint product development that combines Panoramic Power’s device-level energy platform with Autodesk’s cloud-based BIM portfolio.

Advanced Solutions Partners to Provide Lifecycle BIM

Advanced Solutions Design Software has partnered with Codebook International, Brockwell IT Consulting, and Ecodomus, to provide each of the key components within the Lifecycle BIM solution.

7 Applications Of BIM for Facility Management

Using BIM for facility management; users can effectively explore, record and efficiently manage the information about spatial requirements, operations and maintenance of a facility.

From Building Information Modelling to Facilities Management

Few would now disagree that BIM is a process which is changing the way we work. Historically, the coordination/collaboration between architects and engineers was primarily via hard copy drawings. Today, such collaboration is via the ...

How facilities managers will be able to cut 30% on costs using IT and building information modelling

There was a time when architects, designers and engineers delivered reams of blueprint documentation throughout the design and construction of a building project.

BIM uncovered — collaborate effectively and deliver better design

It takes many activities and skills to bring the ideas and designs of architects/engineers to fruition. In this white paper, Man and Machine discusses building information modelling (BIM) — which attempts to standardise the creation ...

The Importance of BIM in Facilities Management

The role of smart buildings in making buildings more energy-efficient, productive and comfortable

BIM and Facilities Management at Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is known as the functioning performing arts centre, tourist attraction and huge national asset