BIM Guide Reviews

Soft Landings

Steve Cooper and Michelle Mason of CONJECT explain the objectives and benefits of Soft Landings. Recently we have noticed an increase in the number of UK construction projects being procured in line with Soft Landings ...

BIM and sustainability: a growing partnership

According to a recent manifesto from the New Sustainable Energy Association, the UK could save £12.2bn a year between now and 2050 if it focuses on delivering greener buildings. Traditionally, it's the environmental factor which ...

BIM and the Common Data Environment

It's never too late for a reassessment of what BIM is, and how online platforms - such as the one supported by 4Projects - play an important part in the process.

BIM global guidance notes released by RICS

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released guidance notes on the new technology-driven concept, Building Information Modelling (BIM), which promises to have far-reaching effects across the built environment sector. BIM brings together the ...

BIM and Guidance for the Construction Industry

Posted by David Cant on August 30, 2014. As Building Information Modelling (BIM) sweeps through construction and architecture in the UK and around the world, it’s making quite a splash

A Report for the Government Construction Client Group

The purpose of this document is to brief the Construction Clients Group of the progress and findings of the BIM Industry Working Group.

Singapore BIM Guide V2

The Singapore BIM Guide has been drafted by the BIM Guide Workgroup on behalf of BCA and the BIM Steering Committee.

Industry Foundation Classes; ISO 16739:2013

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries

Building Information Model (BIM) Protocol

Construction Industry Council (CIC) 28 February, 2013 London

Best Practice Guide for Professional Indemnity Insurance when using BIM

Construction Industry Council (CIC) 28 February, 2013 London