Do I have to update to Revit 2015?

Every year Autodesk releases new versions for its software. Learn more about Revit 2015 new features.

BIM rail project software designed

A BIM software application aimed at 3D design for railways has come onto the market in the Middle East.

Introducing Revit Architecture 2010: BIM for Beginners

Learn the leading BIM software quickly and easily with this book's detailed discussions and practical exercises.


A Guide to Utilizing Design in the BIM Process

Bringing construction planning to life

Asta Powerproject BIM gives Project Managers the 4D planning tools they really need, says David Chadwick, allowing them to visually link their management model with the 3D model.

BIM and Construction Management

Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows, 2nd Edition - Complimentary Excerpt" A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects.

IG Lintels Launches BIM Object Library

In response to the transition of the industry to 3D digital modelling, IG Lintels has launched a comprehensive BIM object library.

Autodesk Amps Up BIM with Expanded Cloud-based Collaboration Services

New cloud and mobile capabilities for Autodesk Revit and InfraWorks 360 herald a more connected future of BIM.

Ecophon creates its acoustics systems as BIM objects

Ecophon is part of Saint-Gobain Group, which is a world leader in functional building materials. Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic systems that contributes to a good working environment, human well-being and performance.

KORADO heating bodies as BIM objects for Revit MEP

CAD Studio cooperates with the Technical University in Ceske Budejovice (VSTE) and prepared a large library of BIM objects of real MEP products for Revit.