BIM Implementation

Conference dedicated to BIM implementation to be launched at Project Qatar 2015

Future BIM Implementation will be hosted at the 12th annual edition of Project Qatar on the 6-7 May 2015.


Qatar’s grand plans to roll out in excess of $200bn in infrastructure projects by 2022, including stadiums, metro systems and hotel complexes, will require advanced BIM software.

BIM for Govies™

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is fast changing how both the public and private sector design, build and manage both building and infrastructure projects such as roads and highways. But how can your agency benefit from ...

BIM for Clients

Benedict Wallbank of Smart BIM Solutions explains why clients should be as interested in specifying BIM as the construction side of the industry.

The implementation of Lean Construction and BIM should be integrated!

Both Lean Construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM) have gained visibility in the last ten years or so. These two initiatives for improving construction have been supported by their respective communities of early adopters, academics, ...

The Benefits, Obstacles and Problems of Practical Bim Implementation

11th International Conference on Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques, MBMST 2013. The Benefits, Obstacles and Problems of Practical Bim Implementation Darius Migilinskas, Vladimir Popov, Virgaudas Juocevicius, Leonas Ustinovichius.

Taking BIM one step at a time

Over the last decade, governments around the world have noticed the advantages of BIM, and increasingly are mandating the use of BIM on public projects. Here in the UK a mandate already exists that requires ...

RICS releases global guidance note on new technology-driven concept

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released a guidance note on a new technology-driven concept that promises to have far-reaching effects across the built environment sector. Building information modelling (BIM) brings together the ...

10 steps to Building Information Modeling

According to wikipedia, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.