3D Laser Scanning Introduction - Hobs Studio

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December 17, 2014

Accurate plans and building information are an essential part of any new build or refurbishment project, but there are times when limited information is available on the existing building or site. 

3D Laser scanning creates an incredibly accurate computer model of your site by taking millions of points of data. By linking these measurements together, this 'point cloud' can then be used to recreate the physical environment in 3D space, as an Autodesk Revit model. This is perfect for Geospatial Engineering. 

• Capture building information in hours, not days
• Save time and money 
• Work with highly accurate 3D data 

Laser Scanning is ideally suited to new build or refit projects:
• Project Tendering / BIM Delivery
• Refurbishment/Renovation Project
• Building Extensions
• Pre-Construction Site Survey
• Post-Construction Model Verification

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