Hanging with the Early Adopters

When it comes to technology, I’m not the type of person who is always using the latest and greatest gadgets and software. In fact some might even call me a technology laggard. Interestingly, I have ...

BIM for the Baffled: Part 7 – BIM, the future and the rest of the world

Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at what BIM is, how it can be achieved as well as how the Government is mandating the use of BIM up to level 2.

Integrating BIM and GIS for full lifecycle civil construction projects

Construction is being transformed. I've blogged about the startling (at least to traditional construction contractors) vision of the future of highway construction of the Chief of Surveys at the Oregon Department of Transportation (DoT) in ...

Why BIM is so important to our industry

I’ve been working on the UK Government’s BIM programme for three years now and learned an immense amount on the way – the rewards, the challenges and the pitfalls of implementing BIM across a wide ...

Creating the Perfect BIM—Can You Afford the Time and Money?

So, can you? Or do you need to answer the question from my last post first: “Should estimators be making 3D models?” I’m not sure which question comes first, but both questions need to be ...

Engineering firms add value with BIM

The AEC industry has seen rapid progress over the past decade with the emergence of design technology, seamless workflow processes and the sharing of industry experience amongst AEC communities worldwide. Nonetheless, like any other sector, ...

2014 – The year the construction industry did not discover PLM

A year ago, I was more optimistic about the construction industry adopting PLM practices. What I have learned this year, and based on feedback from others, were are not at the turning point yet

Existing Conditions and Conflict Resolution on PJKK Phase 5

The project team implemented a number of VDC tools to virtualize the existing conditions and initiate collaboration between the design team and subcontractors.

Green BIM – a thinkBIM round table summary

Green BIM is healthy, yet only just coming of age with a long way to go. Here is the outline and summary and the Green BIM round table I chaired at the brilliant ThinkBIM/Green Vision ...

Autodesk University from a CAD Manager’s Viewpoint

How are CAD managers faring this year — and what can they expect in 2015?