BIM Server Reviews

C4R vs Green BIM Servers – Collaborate Across WAN Without Complex IT Setup

Autodesk is releasing a new product known as C4R (Project Skyscraper). It promises to enable firms to collaborate across WAN without complex IT setup, but with the caveat that your project data will reside in ...


IFC WebServer is a free to use data model server and online viewer for Building Information Models (BIM) based on the open standard IFC

Horizontal Glue

Horizontal Glue brings Building Information Modeling (BIM) to the web as a coordinated system that communicates directly with leading design and project management software.


SkyBIM is a powerful real-time cost estimating solution


Collaborative building information modelling

BIM Server

A BIMserver enables you to centralize the information

Green BIM

Green BIM is a resolute firm with a results driven policy that enables the Architecture