About Us

The BIM HubTM is a trusted environment for BIM Professionals.


To empower the world's BIM community


To build a trusted environment for BIM Professionals

Our Values

The BIM HubTM empowers the BIM community to CONNECT. LEARN. DEVELOP


  • To enable BIM Professionals to network in a trusted environment
  • To create and develop strategic alliances between nonprofit organizations, academia and governments worldwide


  • To promote awareness of BIM
  • To train and develop talent in all levels of BIM professionals
  • To create an easily accessible, curated repository of BIM content


  • To help deliver better ways of working, policies, technologies and processes
  • To promote the development of BIM businesses


BIM: Connect

BIM is not just technology. It is a method of working that will enable and hasten the move towards truly collaborative working for the industry. Until now, connecting with others about BIM has been a formidable challenge. But when the strength and might of the construction sector is harnessed, streamlined and brought together through BIM, the industry as a whole will become stronger, more efficient and more effective. This will lead to improved efficiencies and profitability for those that adopt and adapt.

The BIM HubTM enables everyone in the construction industry to network and connect whether they are government officials, project managers, consultants, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, management operators or educational bodies.

BIM: Learn

Acquiring knowledge on BIM is the biggest obstacle for the construction sector. In the past, BIM information has often been available but highly dispersed. Learning about BIM used to require a great deal of time and effort. Construction companies and organisations worked in silos, left to their own devices.

Before The BIM HubTM there were no online websites that covered the full spectrum of BIM information required to implement BIM. The BIM HubTM is about usefulness and relevance today and tomorrow, in a trusted environment. The BIM HubTM works to provide professionals with the webs best-curated content on BIM.

BIM: Develop

The BIM HubTM develops the capacity of people to understand and implement improved policies, enhanced processes, trained people and overall a better way of working to shape the evolution of BIM. The BIM HubTM showcases the work of leading companies involved in BIM, developing and enabling businesses to benefit from interoperable processes and technology. The BIM HubTM encourages members to engage with Projects and Tenders that reflect their core business needs.

The BIM HubTM promotes adherence to standards that are required by everyone involved in the construction industry to ensure delivery of consistent and high quality outputs. Making BIM mandatory is seen as the way forward by many governments as well as multi-national organizations.