Case Studies


A step ahead with BIM- Conard Gargett

Conrad Gargett, in joint venture with Lyons, was commissioned for the architecture, landscape and interior design of the 95,000m2 hospital. Work was carried out in Brisbane and the Lyon’s office in Melbourne.

UCSF Hospital at Mission Bay

Integrated Project Delivery Case Study

St Bartholomew's and The Royal London Hospitals

AIA Technology in Practice - 2007 Building Information model Awards - Support for human use and innovative program requirements using BIM

Akershus University Hospital, Norway

The architect and HVAC engineer have built complete BIM models of the whole new building

Echuca Regional Hospital Solar Heat Absorption Chiller

WSP Lincolne Scott used BIM to model the solar field and absorption chiller plant for Australia's largest solar thermal cooling system

St Joseph's BNI Tower

This case study focuses on identification and measurement of the value of online collaboration and project management (OCPM) technology from a general contractors perspective.

Maryland General Hospital

Maryland General Hospital (MGH) in Baltimore, Maryland, is best known for its reputation as a top-notch, universityaffiliated teaching hospital.

Lynchburg General Hospital

The Lynchburg General Hospital expansion project carried out in the state of Virginia resulted in tangible cost as well as substantial time savings through the implementation of innovative process and technology.