openBIM: “Best of Breed” Solutions pt 2

As a whole, we see a strong level of positive backing for increased competition for software vendors, but this comes with mixed reasoning to support the arguments. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 05 pt 2

openBIM and Improving Data Accuracy

Despite the benefits that can be created by adopting openBIM standards the real driver and underlying key of the whole thing is the accuracy of the data itself. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 04

BIM Training Process

Upskilling our professionals

Unless we are able to ‘upskill’ our professionals, the construction industry faces the real prospect of being unable to capitalise on construction opportunities

More mobile, BIMaaS, ‘Big data’ and M&A?

Paul Wilkinson dusts off the ExtranetEvolution crystal ball to see what 2015 might bring: more mobile collaboration, BIM-as-a-service and ‘Big Data’, maybe.