Beyond Information Requirements

The effect of increasing shifts in client sentiment, as felt throughout the supply chain, are captured head on as Nicholas Nisbet (BuildingSMART UKI) introduces a call to arms that champions asset performance and new business ...

How manufacturers benefit from BIM

Is BIM something that only concerns planning and engineering parties in the building industry? Think again. As a manufacturer, you can benefit a great deal from BIM. Here’s how:

How MEPcontent Fills the Gap between Manufacturers and Engineers

The way that engineers and draftsmen design changes rapidly these days. Meanwhile MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) Engineers and Designers want to deliver perfect BIM models.

IFC & OpenBIM resolve key issues in projects

A rise in the complexity of projects has generated an increased need for specialisation in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) services and associated design tools. However, the more specialised the tools become, the more difficult ...

Back to BIM Basics

In the rush towards a BIM-enabled construction, we should remember what lies at the core of BIM.

Getting to Level 2 – The 10 BIM things you should know

A study conducted by CONJECT indicating that the AEC industry and Asset Owners can be split fairly evenly into those that indicate they are novices and those that indicate they are knowledgeable, with Consultants and ...

The State (+ Future) of BIM and GIS Interoperability

BIM (and BIM-GIS interoperability) has been popping up so frequently that a slightly modified version of Monty Python’s “Spam” sketch has been running through my head…