Can digital construction save you money on your building projects?

Integro Construction Software were delighted to hear of the Government’s focus on construction within their Industrial Strategy – Construction Sector Deal in July. Construction underpins our economy and society and touches every corner of the ...

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Why does the Industry need advanced use of BIM-Building Information Model to maintain its sustainable development?

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If technology development gives rise to a BIM to FM process (i.e. using a Building Information Modelling data gathering process for use in Facility Management), thus; why can’t technology enable an approach to replace a ...

State of BIM delivery in the UK one year before government mandate

One of the highlights of this this year's RICS BIM Conference in London was the keynote presentation Delivery of Level 2 BIM by Terry Stocks, Deputy Head of Estates Department, Ministry of Justice and Delivery ...

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BIM for the Baffled: Part 7 – BIM, the future and the rest of the world

Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at what BIM is, how it can be achieved as well as how the Government is mandating the use of BIM up to level 2.