The Shortcomings, Strategies and Approaches to BIM, with Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham (Head of Global VE Sales) works for IES, a world leader in 3D performance analysis software used to design tens of thousands of energy efficient buildings across the globe.

OpenBIM Altering the Landscape with Relevance to Small and Medium Enterprises with Karl Redmond

Karl Redmond is the commercial finance director at Enable by Design, and although he is no technical guru and has no need to be, Mr Redmond has been involved with the BIM agenda at a ...

Maxim Greant of Cloudalize Discusses the Advantages of Open BIM over Closed BIM

Cloudalize has begun establishing itself as a business that is constantly looking to the future and is always looking at development.

Closed BIM Vs Open BIM - PCSG’s Steve Thompson’s Take on the Future

PCSG is a leading international built environment consultancy, and its key focus is enhancing the sustainability of its clients’ businesses across a variety of fields- including socially, financially, and environmentally.

Understanding the Purpose of BIM Collaboration with Rubina Siddiqui of Vectorworks

Vectorworks Software is part of the Nemetschek Group, which is a holding company that owns a number of software products that actually fit within the larger BIM lifecycle.

Cloud Platform for Building Owners and Facility Managers with Hans Kristian Grani

Hans Kristian Grani is the CEO and co-founder of Areo, a specialist in “BIM for Facility Management” and “Lifecycle BIM”, providing a cloud platform for building owners and facility managers to store, share and analyse ...

The Potential for Implementation of BIM with Anthony Buckley-Thorp

Anthony Buckley-Thorp, Managing Partner at Flux Advanced Services + Technology talks about the benefits of BIM, its evolution within Flux, and the potential for implementation and use in the future.

The Manufacturer’s Perspective on openBIM, with David Southam

David Southam has been at FARO for ten years, he started by measuring components for vehicles with an old coordinated based manual-measurement system.

Leading Japanese Architect Foresees Computers Unleashing an Era of Design Freedom

Kengo Kuma, founder of Kengo Kuma & Associates (KKAA) and one of today’s most celebrated Japanese architects has discovered his calling – celebrating natural materials and creating human connections – Kuma believes that natural materials ...

The Interconnection of Systems and Openness of Exchanging Information

Lukas Olbrich works in Digital Lean Construction and Real-Time Construction Process Management at Sablono in Berlin, and he has brought his knowledge and expertise to the table by participating in our Q&A focused on providing ...