"The simplicity and ease of development and publication pleasantly surprised me”

Bouvet is a manufacturer of multi-material doors and windows in France. We’ve talked to Laurent Ternon, Marketing and Communication Manager at Bouvet, about BIM and their BIM strategy.

The World Cities Summit (WCS), is held biennially in Singapore in conjunction with Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS)

Harnessing Innovation to Make Cities More Smart, Livable and Sustainable

Takeaways from the World Cities Summit held in 2018 in Singapore

"To me, BIM is not a construction tool, but a facility management tool"

Jonas Stenberg of Digital Real Estate Development at ICA Fastigheter is one of the keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018. We had a chat with him about what he does – and what he hopes ...

UK Government: Creating conditions for change

As head of Digital Construction for the UK Government, Alex Lubbock is in charge of the government department's adoption of Manufacturing and Technology whilst supporting Government and industry in fully embracing BIM, and the benefits ...

The Future Was Yesterday

Tigre-ADS is the union of two giants. Tigre, a Brazilian multinational and leader in the category of Pipes and Fittings, and ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.), a US multinational. We talked to José Antonio Cattani, ...

Engineering, Machine Learning and the Future of the Industry

We talk about Artificial Intelligence as being the next great disseminator of information in tomorrow’s world, but we seem to skip the part on how we gather the information. W

Our digital revolution is called BIM

Lucile Charpentier, Marketing and Digital Strategy Director, leads the Saint-Gobain multidisciplinary BIM strategy work group in Brazil. We had a chat with her to see how things are going.

BIM from across the pond: An interview with Daniel Stine

When looking at BIM and what can be learnt from others. It is important to not just look, within our city, region, or country, but in order to perform to the best of our ability, ...

Riccardo Pagani and the current and future state of BIM in Italy

In a multicultural region as Europe, it’s challenging to keep up with what is being done. By the same token, it has also become more interesting and compelling to learn and think outside the box. ...

“We have signed several large deals thanks to BIMobject.”

US-based Spears Manufacturing Company, Inc have been publishing digital replicas of their products at for a full year now. We had a chat with Matthew Baker, Vice President of Sales Operations at Spears, to ...