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BSI Current and Upcoming BIM Standards

Anthony Burd, Head of Market Development and Stephanie Kosandiak, Lead Programme Manager for Construction at BSI, outline the role of BSI developing standards to support the use of BIM.

First infrastructure standard based on a common BIM/geospatial model released

There are several initiatives underway to develop multi-disciplinary interoperability standards for the convergence of BIM, 3D and geospatial.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery, Roles and Liabilities – AIA A295-2008

Integrated Project Delivery Roles and Liabilities are yet to be largely discussed. AIA A295-2008 states some guidelines to erase this question mark, connecting everyone under the same umbrella.

ANZRS: Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards

This has been written in response to calls for assistance from industry from those that have been asked to implement or adhere to ANZRS on projects.

NBS BIM Object Standard

NBS has developed a BIM Object Standard for use by all construction professionals – from specifiers to manufacturers and BIM content developers. The new standard will assist in the creation of all BIM objects that ...

BS 1192-4: 2014 "fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements"

Part 4 of the British Standard for collaborative production of information is a code of practice for “fulfilling employer’s information exchange requirements”. It was published in late September and sponsored by the Construction Industry Council.

New BIM standard reduces asset management costs even further

BSI, the business standards company has published BS 1192-4 Collaborative production of information Part 4: Fulfilling employers information exchange requirements using COBie – Code of practice. The UK Government published its Construction Strategy in 2011 ...

IDM Process Map

Interoperability Standards

The common standard developed by the buildingSMART is the Industry Foundation Class (IFC)

BIM Deployment Plan

Autodesk BIM Deployment Plan

A Practical Framework for Implementing BIM

AEC (UK) BIM Protocol for Autodesk Revit

AEC (UK) BIM Protocol for Autodesk Revit

Additional detail and enhancements for implementation of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol for Autodesk Revit users.