About Us

The BIM Hub is a one-stop ecosystem for BIM & AEC companies, individuals and groups to engage with one another more swiftly and more meaningfully than ever before.

It does this by introducing a new paradigm in BIM and digital procurement by connecting you, your products, your skills, your services and your expertise directly to clients and other interested parties like never before. Readily available data and analytics in a live Projects portal? A database of thousands of products that can be queried to suit your model design and specification needs? Plus a Learning portal of the best courses and training in the world? It's all being developed here.

From individuals seeking a content driven social media experience, to companies identifying triumphs and lessons learned (together with an eye for business) this platform has it all. From tools to create bespoke online Communities to the latest Events and Jobs we have worked hard to make sure that we remain at the very forefront of modern day professional realms. In fact, we are setting the standard. New features are released all of the time as are expertly-curated resources for all industry professionals to enjoy - created by the community for the community.

The BIM Hub can also be tailor made for your country or locale as we are committed to backing true collaboration and openness from the heart and in all corners of the globe. There really is no better place to CONNECT, LEARN and DEVELOP when it comes to all things BIM.

Our Vision
To see all relevant companies and individuals contribute to the finest BIM and digital procurement realm in the world. Further enabling all newcomers to develop swiftly and wholeheartedly in a learning environment that is truly friendly, open and accessible to all.

Our Mission
To continue to build a thorough, professional and engaging platform dedicated to the advancement and the adoption of BIM all over the world. To remain responsive, accessible and flexible to our members needs at all times and to continue to introduce new tools, concepts and swifter ways of helping you to better connect learn and develop.

Our Values
Through reliability, honesty, open-mindedness, accountability, humour and relentless innovation we have developed a vibrant culture that allows us to focus even further on our continued success. Therefore we will always remain driven to firmly assist our members on their journey to achieve a more connected, liveable and sustainable world and we take great pride in doing so.