3D BIM Modeling: What are the project Owners expecting?

3D BIM modeling has been existing here for several years. The structural engineering, architectural fraternity and building services have accepted this new system universally because of its need for lean construction and its cross disciplinary ...

Airports Have Gotten Insanely Complicated

Having to accommodate millions of travelers and thousands of flights, airports are among the most challenging structures to design.

Integrating GIS in BIM

The advancements in the field of information technologies have made tremendous developments in the construction industry.

What is better MEP BIM services or MEP Design services?

The difference of MEP building services from architectural and structural disciplines is that it is split into a two tier design system.

BIM modeling consultants and their role in AEC Industry

Building information modeling (BIM) is an advanced building project management technology. It can increase efficiency of a construction work and ensure higher returns.

How to assess MEP capabilities of BIM service providers

Electing a company that follows right codes and standards as applicable for the projects using the virtual construction 3D BIM models will help you match your construction workflow.

SWOT Analysis of BIM

Building Information Models are widely used in architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry, as it supports information management throughout the life-cycle of a building in the form of a product and a process.

Get to know the significance of As Built Data in Construction

The 2016 has witnessed to significant changes in the AEC industry of construction field and now we have moved forward a lot while looking back.

Application of BIM in water industry

In the water industry, BIM benefit can be seen in the form of Asset Lifecycle Management that calls for the operations stage now termed as ALIM (Asset Lifecycle Information Management) to include the digital transition.

Understanding the Relationship Between Sustainability and Wellbeing

The importance of sustainability in the construction industry has come of age. What was initially considered by many to be a tick-box exercise has fast become a major design requirement.