PAS 1192-5 – Overview

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May 23, 2015 BIM Task Group


PAS 1192-5:2015, Specification for security-minded building information modelling, digital built environments and smart asset management.What is it and who should read it?

Adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and increasing use of digital technologies in the management of assets, whether buildings or infrastructure, promotes greater adoption of collaborative working and the exchange of large quantities of digital information.

PAS 1192-5 specifies the processes that will assist organisations in identifying and implementing appropriate and proportionate measures to reduce the risk of loss or disclosure of information which could impact on the safety and security of:

  • personnel and other occupants or users of the built asset and its services;
  • the built asset itself;
  • asset information; and/or
  • the benefits the built asset exists to deliver.

Such processes can also be applied to protect against the loss, theft or disclosure of valuable commercial information and intellectual property.

The PAS has been developed to integrate a security-minded approach into the construction lifecycle processes as specified in PAS 1192-2 and the asset management processes described in PAS 1192-3.

Who should use it?

The intended audience of the PAS includes organisations that are asset owners or, within a project, the employer. It will also be of interest and relevance to other organizations and individuals involved in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets, especially those who wish to protect their commercial information and/or intellectual property. It should be read in conjunction with its sister documents PAS 1192-2 and PAS 1192-3.

How do I use it?

PAS 1192-5 provides a security-minded framework enabling strategic definition and implementation of appropriate and proportionate measures for managing the security risks that affect a built asset, in whole or in part, asset data and information.

The requirements of the PAS need to be specifically applied to the built asset, which may be a single building, a site or campus, or a portfolio or network of assets. The PAS adopts a risk management based approach to the identification of security issues, leading to the production of a built asset security strategy and security management plans. It also introduces the need for a suitably qualified and experienced Built Asset Security Manager to take responsibility for the security of the asset and asset information throughout the asset lifecycle.

Where do I find more information?

The PAS was commissioned by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). It is available for download from the British Standards Institution (BSI) website [LINK]

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