White Papers


Virtual Reality for the Masses 101

As a designer have you ever walked into a space you’re working on and said what the hell! or worse, have one of your clients?

For Efficient Facade Design & Engineering: Collaborate With Your Supply Chain

A. Zahner Company is setting the example for how an integrated supply chain can significantly reduce rework on highly complex projects.

Four Traps Slowing Utilization of BIM in Healthcare

While an increasing number of healthcare owners are receiving BIM data following construction projects, not all are putting this information to use.

Smart Asset Management, BIM, the Internet of Things and Energy

Enable by Design (EBD) have been busy, with partners, refining the Smart Asset Management (SAM) project. The SAM project supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) and preceded by EBDs understanding of BIM and NEC3, ...

Creating your Asset Information Requirements

For years we have created wonderful methods of managing, securing, processing, validating, classifying, exchanging and creating the 'i' in BIM. But we still don't really have an answer for what that 'i' really is. This ...

Asset Tagging

When we talk about asset information requirements we talk about the pieces of information we need to answer critical questions, make informed decisions or carry out key activities throughout the lifecycle of a “thing”. There ...

BIM advice for clients

On many occasions I am asked by client organisations the following question: “In the course of your dialogues with many of the exemplar BIM enabled clients worldwide, what are the top 3 things we need ...

Unlocking the value of BIM

This whitepaper from Leica Geosystems explains the benefits of BIM, dispels common misconceptions and reveals its untapped potential.

A CMMS Expert using BIM for IBS Building Maintenance

In the IBS building maintenance, the conventional methods to the project delivery and its failure to form effective communication channel between complementary knowledge on IBS construction and related members that is conducted in the sequential ...

Field Construction Management Application through Mobile BIM and Location Tracking Technology

Based on accurate digital modeling of BIM, construction plans can be created virtually and realistically evaluated. Significant amount of effort is also needed to find proper information from BIM.