White Papers


Unlocking the value of BIM

This whitepaper from Leica Geosystems explains the benefits of BIM, dispels common misconceptions and reveals its untapped potential.

A CMMS Expert using BIM for IBS Building Maintenance

In the IBS building maintenance, the conventional methods to the project delivery and its failure to form effective communication channel between complementary knowledge on IBS construction and related members that is conducted in the sequential ...

Field Construction Management Application through Mobile BIM and Location Tracking Technology

Based on accurate digital modeling of BIM, construction plans can be created virtually and realistically evaluated. Significant amount of effort is also needed to find proper information from BIM.

A Comparison of Construction Classification Systems

A Comparison of Construction Classification Systems Used for Classifying Building Product Models

Roadmap to a BIM Framework

The BIM Manager needs to look far beyond the technology to create, implement and manage change throughout almost every part of the organization. This article explains further. Article by Brett Goodchild, BIM/VDC specialist.

Organizational BIM

The way technology is bringing about organizational changes, and the vision that technological advancement portends for the future, especially in relation to BIM for the AEC industry, has been a subject of highlight.

 Design to Support Energy Efficient Building Lifecycle

An Analysis of BIM Web Service Requirements and Design to Support Energy Efficient Building Lifecycle

This paper is an extended version of our paper published in Proceedings of the 2012 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, Special Session on BIM Computer Science Fundamentals, 2012

BIM with boots on

BIM for construction sites: BIM with boots on whitepaper by FINALCAD

A BIM strategy will never be complete until it’s challenged against reality. FINALCAD acts as a two-way interface between BIM and mobile apps for the field; by extracting the right level of BIM data for ...

Autodesk and the UK BIM Level 2 Mandate

This paper provides a summary of the Level 2 mandate, including its relevant standards and specifications, and offers guidance on how Autodesk solutions can help you comply with the mandate.

Unknown. 2008. Computer program. Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art, Dubai. The picture how complex architecture is becoming and designs are free flowing.

Influences of 4-D BIM on Abstract/Modern Architecture

We examine how the use of 4-D in Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a significant tool of the future. The use of this new technology allows project managers to manage projects, contractors, and other areas ...