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Drones and BIM combine to spot trouble on big building projects

A University of Illinois team has developed a predictive analytics tool called “Flying Superintendent” to automate the monitoring of large construction projects. The system uses images and videos taken by flying drones and combines them ...

Drones for Construction

Drone usage in the UK and worldwide has rocketed in recent years, but how can they be used I construction?

Intel Acquires Ascending Technologies!

Exciting news! Intel has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the German drone developer and manufacturer Ascending Technologies – subject to customary closing conditions.

Four Drone Projects Designed to Change Landscape

The term drones covers a very broad category of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) that can be used for anything from military or commercial purposes to personal entertainment. unlike regular helicopters, quad-copters have two sets of ...

New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California.

High-Resolution 3-D Scans Built from Drone Photos

A drone spent hours swarming around Rio’s iconic Christ statue to show a cheap way to capture highly accurate 3-D scans.

Bentley buys in to drone technology future

Reality capture has been a foundation of design and construction since the age of chains and transits. Now, the technology is rapidly improving in sophistication, automation and integration.