BIM Guide


JCT Produces BIM Guide

JCT’s BIM practice note was produced by a working group set up to work out how best to incorporate BIM in future JCT editions, and to investigate and develop resources for JCT contract users with ...


BIM in Civil Engineering

Putting BIM processes in place on civil infrastructure projects helps modernize outdated work methods, and provides a competitive advantage. However, the implementation, staffing, mindset, and adoption are key and require an effective strategy to be ...


BIM Workflow Guide: BIM Delivery and Facility Management

Welcome to the fourth book in the BIM Workflow series. In the following chapters we will cover, everything need for you to master the basics of working with BIM based facility management. Furthermore subjects regarding ...


Bentley Guide to BIM Advancement

Implementing BIM successfully involves behavioural, cultural and technological changes – transforming your organization, adopting new processes, and implementing new standards.


International BIM implementation Guide

This guidance note highlights international high-level principles around how to implement and use BIM in the design, construction and operation of our built environment, including facets of procurement management and asset management.


Procurement Guidance Note 03/15 - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The purpose of this guidance is to introduce BIM to departments and to explain why government is adopting it in the delivery of appropriate infrastructure projects.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting a Virtual Design Partner

Getting the most from building information modeling/virtual design and construction (BIM/VDC) is like learning anything — be it playing guitar or baking bread.


BIM Specification and Reference Guide

Plowman Craven's survey measurement team has completed a number of projects delivering BIM ready 3D models to a variety of clients.


coBuilder's guide to the construction galaxy

This “Guide to the Construction Galaxy” or in other words Glossary is created by coBuilder and it consists of some of the important terms and abbreviations currently used in the construction domain.


A building owner's guide to implementing BIM

BSRIA release new roadmap to help organisations plan BIM strategy.