Focusing on Process Over Product: A New Approach to Construction Productivity

This blog is adapted from an AIA presentation by Patrick Mays on Technology and Practice presented in partnership with the UNC Charlotte College of Architecture in October 2016.

Seamless BIM Progress

A major investment in new equipment and in 3D design software has produced significant productivity gains for Ballyshannon-based Seamless Aluminium. reports on a company founded on ‘one good turn deserves another’.

Dubai 3D Printed Office Rendering for Dubai's Museum of the Future

Would You Buy a UAE House That Had Been Built by Robots?

The first 'printed' office is being built to house the staff of Dubai’s Museum of the Future, uses a 20-feet-high 3D printer and is to be completed by 2017.

Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Enabled by collaboration software, IPD is helping industrial manufacturers reduce risk, achieve predictable results, and maximize the effectiveness of capital funding.

A conventionally fabricated node on the left and the first 3D printed iteration in the middle. The final version on the right offers the same strength but is significantly more compact and uses 75% less steel in its manufacture.

Could you 3D print your building components?

New developments in additive manufacturing are being used to make real building components that are lighter, more cost effective and structurally just as strong as their counterparts, but use 75% less material.