By utilising advanced automated software solutions that help consolidate and make sense of data, as well as bridging the gap between departments, the government will ensure it is adaptable and responsive to change

Driving the Government’s Transformation Strategy: what enterprises can learn

How can enterprises leverage business software to support their digital transformation priorities: by using the government as an example

BIM is Gaining Interest in Russia

Interest in Building Information Modelling is growing in Russia, with 25 pilot projects currently underway.

CHQ Building, IFSC, Dublin – courtesy of Cummins & Voortman Architects.

BIM measures up

What more needs to be said about BIM to convince our industry that it is not only good for business, but that it is essential to embrace it if you want to remain in business ...

Modelling in practice

Mention was recently made in "Inside Housing" about Nottingham City Council’s pilot to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a 54-house scheme.

The CIC BIM protocol – a critical analysis

by Koko UdomNBS Head of Contracts and Law