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Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB-ADIA) : Part Two of Two

The Joint Venture (JV) of CCC, Arabtec and TAV was awarded the $3billion construction contract for Abu Dhabi Airport’s 700,000-sqm Midfield Terminal Building in April 2012.

Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB-ADIA) : Part One of Two

The Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport (MTB-ADIA) is a $3billion, 700,000-sqm development, providing a terminal building with passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurants for a total capacity of 27-40 million people per year. The unique X-shaped building will be located between the two existing runways, giving the name ‘Midfield’. 

Maricopa County Downtown Court Tower, Phoenix, AZ

"To visually illustrate the concrete wall pour schedule to the sub-contractors, I imported a shop drawing PDF into Google SketchUp, created a model off of it, and then imported the 3D SketchUp model and the Oracle Primavera P6 schedule into Synchro where the

Sacramento International Airport's Terminal B

"Synchro assisted us in demonstrating our knowledge of the project and our ability to solve key issues through the use of 4D simulation. Synchro is an extremely efficient tool that helped us illustrate the effectiveness of how the Turner Team would be

Haselden Construction, 4D BIM Presentations

"In the business development area we use 4D BIM with Synchro for different clients. I've done everything in it from simple Sketchup multi-building campuses to full architectural Revit models. I took a 6,000 item model on a Friday with a 300+ item Microsoft Project schedule and had a 4D video output

DZK (Danzigerkade) Building in Amsterdam

"Synchro has helped our clients to see and realize the complex construction process, time management, material and cash flow management along with efficient site logistics." -- Deepak Shah, Executive Director -- Projects and Process, 3D BluePrint India Pvt. Ltd.

The Shard of Glass at London Bridge

"Synchro provides the graphic simulation needed to deliver and improve construction solutions for our clients, along with a real time based 4D model for idea generation and problem solving within the project team." -- Rob Owen, Director at Mace Group Ltd, using Synchro for Tate Modern and

Kaiser Permanente Anaheim's Replacement Hospital

"Time to draw the CMU bracing=1 hour Time to incorporate it into the Synchro Model=5 minutes Time to find the conflicts=30 seconds Time and headaches saved out in the field=Priceless!"

Smaralind Shopping Mall

Atlas Ward Ltd used AceCads Detailing Department and StruCad software to detail the steel roof structure.

Yorke Structures Limited

StruServices assists quality returns for fabricator serving international production facilities

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