Industry Applause for the EU’s Call to Modernize Construction Projects with BIM Technology

22 Jan 2014

Leaders from Europe’s architectural, engineering and construction industries have expressed their support for the European Parliament’s decision to modernize the EU public procurement rules by recommending the use of electronic tools, such as Building Information Modeling, or BIM, for public works contracts and procurements

BIM Adoption Spreads Globally

It is an exciting time in the global construction industry, and building information modeling (BIM) is accelerating the pace of positive change for contractors of all types, sizes and locations.

BIM for Facility Management

A “Building Information Model” (BIM) is a parametric, computable representation of the project design developed by the Architect (and consultants), the Contractor (and subcontractors), including construction details developed by the Contractor and its respective consultants and subcontractors that are integrated into the model, or a specialized BIM consulting firm (i.e. to deal with existing facilities) hired by the Owner.

4D helps ‘see’ risks in projects

Integrating 4D into the entire planning process helps visualise the risks associated with projects especially those involving a large amount of data.

BIM paves the way for success

There is huge scope for civil engineers to generate dynamic designs of roads and highways with the help of the BIM process, in order to optimise constructability, sustainability and road safety.

IFC bridges gaps in interoperation

A common language to ensure interoperability between software is the need of the hour. Adopting Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) within the OpenBIM format resolves key issues in complex projects.

IPD facilitates project changes

A collaborative BIM process provides the ability to respond faster to unexpected modifications to a project.

Integrated Approach Leads To Success

Using an integrated project delivery (IPD) approach right from the early stages of design eliminates potential errors and improves overall efficiency

BIM Makes Light Work Of Estimation

Model-based estimating points the way to greater accuracy, speed and success in estimation and control of cost, which are of paramount importance particularly in the current economic climate

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