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Defining a Smart Building: Part Three

If it was easy to define a smart building in one sentence then every building owner would have a smart building. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Buildings are multifaceted and have a variety of uses.

Defining a Smart Building: Part Two

We set forth to define a smart building by addressing the second group of smart building attributes: system integration, AV and water. Let’s start with system integration, which is one of the most important and fundamental parts of a smart building.

Defining a Smart Building: Part One

Building owners, designers, contractors and facility managers are all trying to build or renovate buildings identified as “smart” buildings. In general we think of smart buildings as being innovative, using advanced technology and materials, contributing to reduced energy usage and the sustainability of the building, and providing more efficient and effective operation. But the high-level, generic understanding of smart buildings doesn’t do justice to the concept or assist design teams or contractors, and it really doesn’t reflect the complexity of today’s buildings.

Client Mandated BIM Requirements for Tender and Construction

The Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport (MTB-ADIA) is a $3billion, 700,000-sqm development, providing a terminal building with passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurants for a total capacity of 27-40 million people per year.

When the Silos Come Tumbling Down

How much forethought is given to all the data and information needed to manage a building? The answer many times would be a little forethought and a lot of afterthought

BIM: Practical Application and Industry Perspective (UK)

Nashwan N. Dawood, Teeside University, School of Science and Technology

Spatial Coordination

Heikki Kulusjarvi CEO Solibri, Inc. and Jonathan Widney CEO Solibri LLC 2009

An Introduction to the IPD Workflow for Vectorworks BIM Users

This paper is intended to answer those questions and introduce to users who are “thinking BIM” yet another three-letter-acronym, IPD, which stands for

Green BIM

How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction

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