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BIM: A Blueprint for Success

BIM, or Building Information Modeling is a hot topic within the construction industry. With BIM adoption likely to accelerate, knowing exactly what BIM means at a project level and how it impacts on your organization ...

Roadmap to a BIM Framework

The BIM Manager needs to look far beyond the technology to create, implement and manage change throughout almost every part of the organization. This article explains further. Article by Brett Goodchild, BIM/VDC specialist.

BIM with boots on

BIM for construction sites: BIM with boots on whitepaper by FINALCAD

A BIM strategy will never be complete until it’s challenged against reality. FINALCAD acts as a two-way interface between BIM and mobile apps for the field; by extracting the right level of BIM data for ...

Unknown. 2008. Computer program. Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art, Dubai. The picture how complex architecture is becoming and designs are free flowing.

Influences of 4-D BIM on Abstract/Modern Architecture

We examine how the use of 4-D in Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a significant tool of the future. The use of this new technology allows project managers to manage projects, contractors, and other areas ...

 Level 4 BIM - Design by Intelligent Data (image by www.gbca.com)

Level 4 BIM - Design by Intelligent Data

By data mining and applying algorithms, buildings can be designed through Level 4 BIM that will be more attuned to communities and their desires and demands. It will become rapid, semi-automated design, with buildings being ...

A Review of the Efforts and Roles of the Public Sector for BIM Adoption Worldwide

In this paper, different kinds of the efforts that the public sector has put for BIM adoption worldwide are reviewed to highlight the successful implementations of BIM and to identify the gaps in some countries.

The ‘why?’ of implementing BIM on technical projects across ARCADIS.

ARCADIS’ EU BIM committee has published a whitepaper that addresses the ‘why?’ of implementing BIM on technical projects across ARCADIS.

BIM: Measurement of design progress on large capital projects

The adoption and use of BIM (building information modeling) or EIM (engineering integration management) has moved from bleeding edge to mainstream in the North American construction industry since the early 2000s. In the past 14 ...

The importance of BIM in the lighting industry

The paper will delve into the increasing importance of BIM usage, the changes of BIM over time and specifically how this affects the lighting industry.

How BIM in the field can improve your construction

Learn how BIM in the field can improve your project efficiency.