Design Roofs in ARCHLine.XP

Your CAD software should offer simple and effective tools to cover everything from top to bottom. Starting from the top, our webinar takes a look at a pressing issue - creating and detailing roofs.

Turning External Files into BIM Data - The ARCHLine.XP Imports WEBINAR

Not sure how you can use your co-designers files, floorplans and models? How to tie them into your BIM model? Our webinar shows how to use external files in your design, even if they are ...

Use Real Products in Your CAD Design

How do you make your BIM model accurate? By using real products! This webinar shows how ARCHLine.XP, the CAD/BIM software, connects to the BIMobject library.

Switching from 2D Drafting to BIM - ARCHLine.XP webinar

Switching from 2D drafting to BIM might seem difficult, time consuming and expensive.