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Why Holder Construction Doesn’t Talk About BIM as ‘BIM’ Anymore

Watch this interview to see how Holder Construction adds value to construction projects and facilitates the workflow through every step of the process.

HDS "How to" series - How to Publish a TruView from Cyclone

HDS "How to" Series - How to Publish a TruView from Cyclone

Follow Tassilo Nietzschmann of the Leica Geosystems HDS EMEA Support Team in this step-by-step tutorial and learn all you need to know in order to create great TruViews from Cyclone.

Be Captivated

Be Captivated

With an obsession for innovation Leica Geosystems will soon introduce the most exciting and all-encompassing solution yet, to capture, model, and visualise the real world like never before. Don’t see data, experience it.

BIM Field Trip-Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems makes it surprisingly easy for the building design and construction industry to put BIM to work in the field. Adopting a BIM process means more than building efficiently - it’s also a way ...