Why COBie matters to the UK

In this light hearted film, we interview key stakeholders involved in bringing COBie into use in 2016. The Government, construction industries and Solibri all give their opinion.

David Philp - Leading the charge for COBie in the UK

COBie 2016 and its importance for 'Digital Britain'

Hear Solibri interview David Philp - Head of BIM, UK task Force. David explain what COBie is, why it is important and why it is 'disruptive by design'.

Why COBie?

Published on May 24, 2014. Why was COBie developed? What problems can COBie solve? Find out in this video.

COBie and IFC

COBie and IFC

How are COBie and IFC related

When and who developed COBie

History of COBie

When was COBie developed? Who made it? What else did they do with it?