Future Surveying - From UAV to Point Cloud to BIM

How Plowman Craven's expertise with UAV, Point Cloud and BIM can benefit clients working on both large and small-scale property developments.

CadLine kicks off "Gateway to BIM" campaign

Having won an IFC certification from buildingSMART in 2016, Hungarian AEC software manufacturer CadLine Ltd. is now ready to promote the advantages of working in BIM to its users. The methods: videos and webinars.

Intelligent Rainscreen Façade Video

The approaches using a rule based approach to capture knowledge and allow it to be re-used.

Architectural Evolution From Blueprint To BIM

From Crouse College at Syracuse University to the National Grid Building, the team at King + King Architects has had a long history at the forefront of design.

PDF to Revit

A little plugin to "insert" PDF directly in Revit.

BIM and Robotics: A Modern Twist on Classical Architecture

First, there were skyscrapers. When those weren’t tall enough, we turned to supertall skyscrapers, which encompasses anything over 984 ft (300 m). Now these structures populate big cities the world over. Their designs have become ...

ISG Customer Story

ISG showing how they are using Topcon solutions to connect Field and Office for maximum productivity...

Project Aquila: Combining BIM and IoT

Project Aquila aspires to solve the issue of power consumption (and maybe save a bit of energy and money) with a smart monitoring system for factories and commercial buildings that combines BIM and IoT.

Coordinated BIM Model

Animated video showing fully coordinated BIM model.