Structural Steel detailing BIM Project

Steel detailing project - This project involves 3D structural steel model, embed and miscellaneous steel elements, using Tekla Structures

Architectural and Structural BIM

Advenser Architectural & Structural BIM Services

The Impact of 4D Planning at Duke Energy

"In the past Duke solved problems in the field, with Synchro PRO, we are solving problems 14 months in advance." See the real metrics from a generator replacement before and after 4D. improved safety- number ...

Real World Experience with Synchro: Yates Construction

Benjamin Crosby, Director of BIM/VDC for Yates Construction, provides a detailed overview of how his team leverages the visual capabilities of Synchro PRO over the project lifecycle- who particpates, what level of development occurs at ...

Taking BIM Into a New Dimension

James Bowles, founder and director of 4D modelling consultancy Freeform, explains why main contractors need help with 4D, "reverse engineering" project programmes to help determine legal disputes, and how we're close to developing urban ‘sandbox’ ...

4D Simulation-Civil Engineering Projects

Examples of InteliBuild Virtual Construction 4D Animations showing excavation, temporary works, construction sequences.