Investment in “BIM for infrastructure” saves costs at global level

General contractors always see this friction of construction planning for immensely large infrastructure development projects and adhere to agreed cost plans.


The Candy Bar Technique

Everyone agrees to the benefits of BIM and a key element of its success is to bring the models to the field in the hands of superintendents and foremen.

Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal, CannonDesign + NEUF Architect(e)s
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Tackling North America’s Largest Healthcare Project in Seven Steps

The $1.5 billion University of Montreal Health Centre required CannonDesign and NEUF Architect(e)s to innovate their technologies and protocols.

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4D Construction: What You Need to Know

4D is quickly becoming the global standard for high performance project management. It is important to understand what to look for when making the transition to 4D. This whitepaper provides a brief overview.


Real World Experience with Synchro: Yates Construction

Benjamin Crosby, Director of BIM/VDC for Yates Construction, provides a detailed overview of how his team leverages the visual capabilities of Synchro PRO over the project lifecycle- who particpates, what level of development occurs at ...

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Topcon Invests in Virtual Reality for Construction

Topcon Positioning Group has acquired a significant share of holdings a company that assists customers in virtual design and construction (VDC).


DIY VDC: Owning Risk in Coordination to Reduce Liability

It's long been a tenet of mine that 3D modeling in AEC (including BIM, and its cousin, VDC) should be authored by those traditionally responsible for the 2-D documentation it displaces. This is true, in ...


3 Takeaways from the BIMForum

Review of three big takeaways from the Fall BIMForum conference titled "Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for Design Phase Management & Preconstruction."

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10 Benefits of BIM for Healthcare Facility Development Projects

As with the construction of residential and commercial buildings, infrastructural facilities and civil construction projects, building design for healthcare facilities is critical and complex in nature.

Associate Professor Dr. Christoph Merschbrock
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Dr. Merschbrock wins Best Article Award Dr. Merschbrock wins Best Article Award

A research paper by Associate Professor Christoph Merschbrock has been awarded «Article of the Year 2014» in International Journal of e-Collaboration.