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Construction firms need to be digitally smart to drive quality & alleviate industry pressures

In 2016 we saw the construction industry slip into recession for the first time in four years, with building material prices rising post the EU referendum.


2016: What Does it Look Like for BIM?

2016 is a key moment for the implementation of Building Information Modelling. April represents the long-awaited date by which BIM Level 2 must be implemented on all centrally funded government projects.

A lighting scheme designed using 3D (and 4D) BIM techniques. Bentley
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ECA Carries out BIM Survey Ahead of 2016 Deadline

Because of the efficiency and cost saving advantages of BIM for construction professionals - including electrical contractors - it has slowly been gaining ground as a technique. But are these professionals ready to use BIM ...

Market Research

New Analysis Examines Global BIM Growth

A new report looks at the global Building Information Modeling (BIM) market – including the UK – in terms of industry analysis, market size, share, growth, trends and forecast for 2014 to 2020.


Straight Talk - Mark Bew, Chairman, HM Government BIM Working Group

UK government BIM task group chair Mark Bew sets out his views on the challenge of taking the UK supply chain to BIM level compliance by 2 April 2016 and explains the new target to ...

White Papers

Building Information Modeling and Intelligent Green Buildings

So what is BIM? And how will BIM fit into the drive for intelligent green buildings?


How BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling, the broad term for the use of digital models in construction, is once again at the forefront of industry news as, next year, the United Kingdom — despite a few bumps — ...


Are You BIM Ready? What Your Business Needs To Do Before 2016

The process of implementing BIM is about change management, first and foremost. To do this successfully, the process needs to be carried out methodically. The best way is to make a ‘BIM implementation plan’, and ...

Stephen Hughes
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Enterprise Ireland Providing Support for your BIM Journey

Efforts to ensure Irish construction companies embrace BIM and are ready to compete for projects when the UK mandate comes into effect in 2016 are continuing with funding from Enterprise Ireland available for companies to ...


Just 16% of Firms are BIM Ready

Despite being just months away from UK government deadlines, fewer than 1 in 6 building services firms are ready to use BIM on projects.