Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

AM11 Building Performance Modelling 2015

AM11 Building Performance Modelling 2015

Written by experts in a variety of building design and modelling software, the new AM11 takes into consideration many of the real issues of simulating buildings and their systems whilst still focusing on compliance. BPM ...

A Guide for Integrating BIM with Energy Modeling

The 5 Modeling Techniques for gbXML Energy Modeling Integration

Trailloop launched ‘A Guide for Integrating BIM with Energy Modeling’, a free ebook. Where readers will learn how to use the 5 fundamental modeling techniques used from a proven workflow that builds perfect energy models ...


How to Design Best Energy Efficient Lighting Using BIM?

BIM and COBie are more than mandatory for BIM professionals working on government projects. It’s a sorry state that a lot of engineers are not aware what COBie is, and they are also the ones ...


The Future of Building Technology

Our world is going through changes that have a substantial impact on our environment, dramatic population growth, urbanisation, global warming and resource shortages. These ongoing changes are forcing us to think in new ways.


Will Solar Roadways drive us Towards a Sustainable Future?

Global warming and the likelihood of energy deficiencies in future years, due to cumulative demand, the energy issue has become very critical these days.


Exploring The Potential of BIM For Sustainable Building Design

Architects and Engineers are, nowadays, looking forward to use BIM for designing, constructing and commissioning buildings that leave minimum environmental impact; it can be in form of energy efficient building design, or ‘a facility with ...


The BIM Workflow That Delivers Energy Models Twice as Fast Without Any Integration Errors

Have you ever considered that it is inefficient to enter the building geometry in IES VE, OpenStudio or Trace when the building geometry is already completed in Revit MEP? Trailloop's Jean Carriere, the pioneer of ...

Spacehus Homes, Blyth, Northumberland

Zero Carbon Standards at Spacehus Homes

The need to build more energy efficient homes is becoming more apparent. Whilst alleviating the damage to our environment is a well-documented reason for doing so, the social and economic benefits of sustainability cannot be ...


Sustainable Mega City

The growth of the city demands our attention. How can we make our cities better places to live, both for us and the planet, when they are expanding at such a phenomenal rate in many ...

The fastest energy modeling workflow

iBIM Energy Modeling - The most time-efficient workflow

Interoperability with BIM for energy modeling can save you time, help you provide LEED feedback earlier and promote collaboration within your design team.