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Leica Geosystems Wins Prestigious PRISM Award and Geospatial World Innovation Award

Industry Recognizes New BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner for Groundbreaking Innovation


BIM and its impact on the future role of the Quantity Surveyor

Throughout history there has been opposition to various forms of industrialisation, automation, computerisation and general new technology, where the people have had concerns they may ‘be replaced by robots’.


Benefits of BIM for Surveyors

The benefits of BIM to architects, engineers, contractors and property owners are known by everybody. But, this advanced technology also helps the surveyors reap significant advantages in their role.

LISTECH Neo - Geospatial Software

LISTECH Neo - the Surveyors interface to BIM

Neo seamlessly transfers information to and from GIS, BIM, CAD, Google Earth, Leica DBX, XML, LISCAD and various other systems. Neo is ideal for combining, editing and moving data between various office systems and/or the ...

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BIM for Building Surveyors

BIM offers benefits for architects, engineers, property owners and contractors, however can it help surveyors derive substantial benefits?