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Why We Need a Unified Construction Documentation Approach

Industry is mainly driven by drawings and yet we have failed to make any advancement on how this data is managed, despite the advanced tools and technology such as BIM. One of the risky blocks ...

Walmart Store, Canada

Revit 2018 is boon for Structural Engineers and MEP

Outsourcing Revit BIM projects, to Structural Engineering Firms aids you in cutting down the in-house cost of these upgrades and man-labour that follows. Using Revit for Structural and MEP aspect of building is not an ...

Structural Steel Detailing of Fierra Foods

Engineering Firms Should Leverage the Benefits for Outsourcing Shop Drawings

Since the inception of technical drafting, shop drawings are being passed on to respective developers for exchanging crucial for building construction. Shop drawings are still a medium to receive an accurate and precise data pertaining ...

Structural Steel Detailing of Aya Eliza
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Maintaining Accuracy in Structural Fabrication Drawing for Strong Steel Structures

Prefabricated elements made from accurate structural steel fabrication drawings are crucial for ensuring the sturdiness and quality of high rise building structures on the site.

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MEP Shop Drawings – An Impeccable Tool for the AEC Industry

MEP Shop Drawings Services play a noteworthy role in the architectural, engineering and construction industry at the present juncture. 2D and 3D MEP diagrams aid to strategize projects in a faultless manner portraying the precise ...

Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing
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Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing for New South Wales based Pedestrian Bridge

Steel Detailing For Pedestrian Bridge on Great Western Highway 5 in New South Wales Australia


How to Efficiently Create Accurate Shop Drawings in Revit®

Live on Thursday, 29 January 2015. Our BIM solution Smart Assemblies is very helpful Revit®-based software that allows structural engineers and architects to easily create professional shop drawings and save hundreds hours of work.