BIM News

Nittygritty launches IRONfile, providing 12 year back-up storage retention for architects

IRONfile, a new cloud back-up solution provides 12 year storage for Architects and Construction professionals responsible for data retention compliance.


Standards - Periodic Table of BIM

The STANDARDS grouping takes in a range of standards, procedures and supplementary documents that have been developed to 'bake in' the kinds of considerations and assurances that will help you devise and then implement a ...


Security Tops the Agenda at CIBSE Conference

At CIBSE’s Building Performance Conference and Exhibition, speakers highlighted the importance of security in building design and building management systems.


The Future of Building Technology

Our world is going through changes that have a substantial impact on our environment, dramatic population growth, urbanisation, global warming and resource shortages. These ongoing changes are forcing us to think in new ways.