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bSDD 15 minute micro lecture

...bSDD strategic overview. Explanation by Chief Executive, Richard Petrie

In the construction industry we cannot afford to have things lost in translation...

buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

...bSDD plays its key role. To give a practical example, let’s take the definition of the word "window", by establishing a common identity code or "GUID" in the bSDD, so all can understand what a window is, see example here. If you want to define a property such as "reaction to fire" and transla...

buildingSMART Award
BIM News

Business Gain through Open Technology Award initiated by buildingSMART International

...bSDD, IDM, MVD or BCF.The entries will be judged by an international jury drawn from buildingSMART chapters around the world. From a shortlist of ten finalists, a winner will be selected and an announcement made during the buildingSMART week in Toronto in October.The competition is intended to highl...

"As more of the industry embraces BIM and the production of COBie data, there is an increasing need for manufacturers to produce data in a format that can be integrated into the process."

How Well Do BIM Object Libraries Handle Data Integration Into COBie?

...bSDD) our product data is organised in categories based on predefined and easily accessible concepts, which greatly helps the delivery of fast quality results on user queries. The establishment of a common technical language library thanks to the bSDD has a great potential to significantly improve t...

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The BIM events scene in April

...bSDD. bSI International – Part 3 The buildingSMART Standards Summit is held in different countries twice a year and is one of the core meeting opportunities for all delegates involved with the standards programme. The conference focused on the raising demand for open standards as solutions ...

Can BIM make the Tower of Babel a symbol of progress, communication and innovation?

Building the tower of Babel with BIM - is it any different?

...bSDD (Building Smart Data Dictionary). We are developing web-based services for creating openBIM product templates as well as solutions for construction companies that will be compatible with BIM and Facility Management software tools.  BIM needs you now!  We are developing the future an...

Keynote speakers.

ICE BIM 2016 – Part 1

...BSDD (BuildingSMART Data Dictionary). International Case Study – 5D Implementation (Rail - Germany) Now this knocked me for six. Brace yourself for WorldInSight (a clever name indeed). Dr Ilka May and Kim Jung started off proceeding lamenting about the dire state of many German infrasturctur...


ICE BIM 2016 – Part 3

...BSDD were the most promising thing out there but other items like standardising critical product parameters were still needed “manufacturers are itching to be told how to structure their data”. Nick pointed out that PDT’s need to be right and correct which lead Jeff Stephens (Vinci...


openBIM and buildingSMART International pt 1

...bSDD) is effectively a mapping tool for the above with support for the classification system of your choice. This is where LEXiCON comes into play also; a tool that is used to share common terminology that is mapped through open standards, again complete with industry support. The “Coordinat...



...bsDD) to see if the parameter name has been previously defined. If the parameter name exists in the Data Dictionary, its GUID is extracted and used within BIMHawk. If no such entry exists, BIMHawk generates its own definition and associated GUID.[7] Critically, once these GUID’s are mapped to...


Exclusive Interview - Nick Tune at coBuilder

...bSDD with the recent French PPBIM initiative to document the properties workflow, in order to ensure the highest quality of the data entered in the dictionary. What is coBuilders strategic plan going forward? Our strategic plan is to help manufactures set their data free from PDFs so that their cl...


Standards - Periodic Table of BIM

...Bsdd) Not a standard in the strictest sense of the word, rather an implementation of ISO12006-3:2007 (Building Construction – Organisation of information about construction works (Part 3: Framework for object-orientated information)). The standard specifies a language-independent i...