Facility ManagementX

BIM Workflow Guide: BIM Delivery and Facility Management

Welcome to the fourth book in the BIM Workflow series. In the following chapters we will cover, everything need for you to master the basics of working with BIM based facility management. Furthermore subjects regarding ...

How Virtual BIM Helps You & Your Company

VIRTUAL BIM allows you to implement augmented reality in the processes of design, construction and maintenance planning, among others.

Autodesk : BIM for FM: A Bird s Eye View

A buzzword in the realm of construction for many years now, building information modelling (BIM) has quickly become the norm. Yet, while each passing year adds new names to the long list of construction projects ...

Napa-made software helps manage real estate

The software equips building operators and facility managers to “think outside the spreadsheet” by displaying equipment, assets and related data for any “space.”

Concerto Mobile Software Development

Concerto mobile software updates offer exciting new functionality for FM teams and Project Managers.

EQUA Simulation AB

 EQUA Solutions is a sales and services company for EQUA Simulation AB   

Bentley Building Mechanical & Electrical Systems V8i

Developed by engineers for engineers, Bentley Building Electrical Systems is an intuitive and easy-to-use building information modeling (BIM) application


Dalux BIM Checker is a tool for Quality Assurance and Quality Check  for BIM and IFC.


EcoDomus is an information technology firm focusing on improving the ways commercial buildings are designed, built, managed and retrofitted using BIM (Building Information Modeling).

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager

IBM TRIRIGA delivers facility management software to improve facility planning and increase facility utilization.