BIM StandardsX

Industry Foundation Classes; ISO 16739:2013

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries

BS 1192:2007

Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information. Code of practice

AEC (UK) BIM Protocol

Version 2.0 United Kingdom September 2012

GSA National 3D-4D-BIM Program

In 2003 the General Services Administration (GSA), through its Public Buildings Service (PBS) Office of Chief Architect (OCA), established the National 3D-4D-BIM Program. 


The purpose of SBM is to describe Statsbyggs requirements in respect of Building Information Models (BIM) in the open Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format both generic requirements and discipline specific requirements.

Integrated Project Delivery Guide

The Integrated Project Delivery Guide, jointly developed by the AIAs Documents Committee and AIA California Council.

National Guidelines for Digital Modelling

These National Guidelines and Case Studies for Digital Modelling are the outcomes from one of a number of Building Information Modelling (BIM)-related projects undertaken by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation.

NATSPEC National BIM Guide v1.0

The National BIM Guide is a reference document to be read in conjunction with the Project BIM Brief which outlines the particular requirements for each project. 

Senate Properties BIM Requirements

Senate Properties has carried out a number of pilot projects to develop and study the use of building information models.

The Veteran Affairs BIM Guide

Veteran Affairs is committed to moving both the organization and its service providers to BIM as effectively and efficiently as possible