Get the price and delivery time for your BIM model within 15 mins (User Manual)

The BIM Price Calculator is the first online app backed by an algorithm that calculates the price and delivery time to create a BIM model and sends it by email within 15min. This article is ...

GRAPHISOFT KCC 2016 - an enzyme review

The enzyme review of the GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference 2016

BIM – A Multidisciplinary Modeling Approach

Tesla CAD is an Architectural and Engineering company offering high end BIM Services to clients across United Kingdom.BIM modeling is an excellent tool for virtually representing any building structure with all the details of components ...

Graitec Delivers New Tools for BIM and Steel Fabrication

Software includes new productivity add-on for Autodesk Revit plus new Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS)

3 Takeaways from the BIMForum

Review of three big takeaways from the Fall BIMForum conference titled "Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for Design Phase Management & Preconstruction."

BIM Levels of Information

Levels of Information

Stefan Mordue, Architect and NBS Business Solutions Consultant, looks what levels of information are required at various stages of the project lifecycle.

Effect of Increasing Model Complexity on Performance: Performance enhancements only shift the performance curve downwards, but increasingly large models continue to be a problem. Scalability improvements change the system to make it independent of model complexity.

Revit 2016 offers significant speed improvements

As you start working in Revit 2016 you may experience noticeably greater speed, especially when working with large models.

The Essential Software Bundle For Building, Renovating & Extending

This is a unique bundle of software at an affordable price that will be attractive and practical for the vast majority of people working in and around the construction sector.

BIM and Construction Management

Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows, 2nd Edition - Complimentary Excerpt" A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects.

Building Information Model (BIM) Protocol

Construction Industry Council (CIC) 28 February, 2013 London