Get the price and delivery time for your BIM model within 15 mins (User Manual)

The BIM Price Calculator is the first online app backed by an algorithm that calculates the price and delivery time to create a BIM model and sends it by email within 15min. This article is ...

building survey application

OrthoGraph will be Launched for Android

OrthoGraph Survey System is a professional building survey app, running on iPad – which changes next week, when the software’s Android version will be launched.


Revit Content Management

Hear first hand from a Revit industry expert and learn the value of UNIFI, an enterprise software solution for BIM content management.

Laufen launches Sanitary ware as BIM objects

Laufen, one of the world leaders in the production of sanitary ware, now launches their product range Kartell by Laufen as BIM objects. The new BIM objects extend the range of selectable sanitary products with ...

HI-MACS® ahead of the game for BIM objects

The solid surface material HI-MACS® is widely used in both futuristic architectural projects for external cladding and also for a wide range of interior products in architectural applications.


cadwork is the market leader for CAD / CAM solutions in the timber building industry. Nearly 3200 customers worldwide rely on the power of the cadwork system.


Messerli Informatik AG Informatik has been developing specific industry solutions for the construction planning process for 30 years.

EQUA Simulation AB

 EQUA Solutions is a sales and services company for EQUA Simulation AB