Get the price and delivery time for your BIM model within 15 mins (User Manual)

The BIM Price Calculator is the first online app backed by an algorithm that calculates the price and delivery time to create a BIM model and sends it by email within 15min. This article is ...

 Undet4SketchUp - Interface

Undet4SketchUp V1.0 Release - Use Point Clouds in SketchUp

UNDET Point Cloud Software presents a new extension for Trimble SketchUp Pro – Undet4SketchUp V1.0 that was released on December 1st, 2015.

CodeBook PRO - Cloud Services

Cloud services for hosting CodeBook Project Databases allowing users to take advantage of the significant speed, security and data integrity performance enhancements delivered by SQL. From hosting to providing data management support for users working ...

CodeBook PRO - Asset Data Collector

Asset Data Manager allows users in the post construction and pre handover phase to complete conformance and compliance programs, snagging, condition and punch reports, collect warranty, serial and asset numbers. Captured data is automatically synchronised ...

CodeBook PRO - Room Data Collector

Room Data Collector allows all those involved in the development of programming and briefing requirements to captured data automatically stored in a centralized structured CodeBook Project Database.

Do you know our rooftile BIM Libraries?

Telhas Cobert is the leading reference in Portugal for manufacturing and commercializing clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components.

Singapore BIM guide V2

Singapore BIM Guide V2

The Singapore BIM Guide has been drafted by the BIM Guide Workgroup on behalf of BCA and the BIM Steering Committee.

Singapore BIM Guide

Singapore BIM Guide is a reference guide that outlines the roles and responsibilities of project members when using Building Information Modelling (BIM) at different stages of a project.